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Open-Tibia Module v1.0

  • Summary: Open-Tibia Module Status: Next Up

World first open-tibia module for Invision Community will very soon be released for sale.

Features available:

  • Complete database installation for TFS 1.3 totaly automatic
  • Admin panel, ban/unban/delete characters/accounts/guilds
  • Character mangement, Create/delete characters.
  • Character (profile) with signatures(referrals link), show outfits/mounts, show items.
  • Guild management, Create guild, members, guild wars.
  • House auctions, Buy, sell and bid.
  • Highscores, with outfits/mounts showing.
  • Online list, show players online with outfits/mounts.

When this modules is installed, its ready to new members to create accounts and start playing on your server.

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